Heartbleed bug, time to manage your passwords

I know this is a late entry, I was meaning to post this during the time the Heartbleed bug became known. I wrote this article for another blog, a blog site which belongs to a company I work for. You […]


New Update

To follow on from the quick update post from yesterday this article will be about explaining the YouTube posts, the reason behind this idea was that I do a lot of video editing and recording my gameplay footage and so that takes […]


Quick Update

Just a quick update to let you guys know the reason behind a lot of posts filled with my YouTube videos all of a sudden, I will write up a post about it after work along with making those posts […]


Random Graphics 3 and Some General News

The other thing is I have also disabled comments on any future articles I publish(all other posts should have disabled the comments after a few months of being published) the reason behind…


Alan Wake: Finally On His Way To The PC

You heard me right, after being cancelled for a PC release back in 2009; Alan Wake will now be released for the PC February 16 2012 via Steam and then as a boxed retail…


WoW: What To Do When You Have Been Hacked

It has come to my attention that recently my guildmaster over on the EU server has been hacked and also happened to my last guildmaster too until we disbanded the guild this time last year, and so I’m going to […]


Minecraft 2D and Notch Steps Down

As some people are aware Notch enters a competition 3 times a year which most other developers around the world also enter known as Ludum Dare competition. Ludum Dare Competition is a competition that happens 3 times per year and […]


Random Graphics 2

This article is purely just showcasing my new graphics design work and also to let you guys/gals know that in the coming weeks I may be doing a review about the upcoming Gingerbread version of the Android ROM MIUI. MIUI […]


I’m Still Alive

To start this post off, I’d like to apologize to any of my readers for the lack of posts since November, the 52 Weeks of Code Challenge didn’t go exactly to plan as I wasn’t really motivated and neither was my friend(that and he […]


52 Weeks of Code Challenge

Well sorry for the lack of posts, kind of had a whole month of no motivation in creating any posts, I know there has been a lot a gaming news since I last posted, like Call of Duty: Black Ops, […]