Blur: Race With The Big Boys


Blur: Race With The Big Boys

Made by the guys who gave us Project Gotham Racing, Blur is a racing game made by a popular racing developer called Bizarre Creations, the game is solely based on the good old Mario Kart Racing with power ups within the game to destroy cars in front or behind you or power ups which protect you from other power ups. The difference with Blur though is that it has realistic cars, realistic locations for tracks to be set in with high quality graphics.

What I like about this game already is that it’s taken the best bits of Mario Kart Racing and placed them into a realistic racing game, the power ups are however different to Mario Kart so that they can match well with the realistic atmosphere. So instead of placing a sneaky pealed banana on the tracks you will have a power up which places a mine on the tracks.

The graphics of this game are really something that made me go “WOW” and made me quite surprised. The graphics are really intense and at a really high quality with the higher the resolution the bigger and better it looks. The reason why I was so surprised is that this game can virtually play on almost any computer with a graphics card but of course not just any old graphics card. What I mean by this is that you are able to use cheap graphics cards that could be around £40-£70 and still be able to play this game without too much trouble… But please set the graphics settings to the minimum… Otherwise you will notice it is hardly playable…

My computer however has a graphics card that is a year old (ATI 4870 HD) and it can play Blur at the highest settings at about 70-80 FPS. I have also tried Blur on 3 other computers with 3 different graphics card, 1 is a Nvidia 9600GT, another has a very old ATI card, and another which I’m not even sure if the graphics card is real… Yes that computer I am on about could be classed as well ancient but not ancient enough, if you get what I mean… It can’t run Call of Duty 4, it can run The Sims 2 but it loads as slow as a snail moving from my house to my next door’s house and has a noticeable lag… But it can play Blur with a tiny amount of lag which only happens when a whole lot of explosions start appearing… Seriously if you are looking for a fun racing game GET BLUR!

Anyway less of the comparing graphics card and what can’t run what… When I first played Blur I had a few rounds of single player, when I say a few rounds I mean about 10 races… And got addicted instantly, next I tried the multiplayer aspect of the game with 2 of my brothers and 1 sister they also got addicted instantly and they hardly ever play games except for Call of Duty 4 and The Sims 2/3… So yes we started playing multiplayer and I can tell you now the options you can set within the game make the multiplayer so much more challenging… Try it yourself practice on singleplayer then get your little sister or brother who has never played it before and put handicap mode to the highest… You will be surprised… Its starts becoming more and more competitive and more and more intense to the point where you finish a race and you say “just one more race won’t hurt” or “I DEMAND A REMATCH!”.

The sound on the other hand is another spectacular part of the game with a really good soundtrack which matches the game and gaming settings to make it truly surround sound… It actually feels like you’re in the race and with the decent soundtrack… It makes you really pumped up and makes it feel more competitive!

All in all this game is an amazing game I have ever played, the graphics is awesome, the sound is awesome, the gameplay is awesome and it can even play on ANCIENT computers… Ok maybe not ancient… But you get what I mean… Right?

Thanks for reading such a long review,  you’re welcome to place your thoughts in the comment section below.

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  • Mark
    Jun 10, 2010 @ 12:25 pm

    Good read

  • Cariana
    May 23, 2012 @ 10:09 am

    this is the third website that i found about this. and your explanation is the better.


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