New Update


New Update

To follow on from the quick update post from yesterday this article will be about explaining the YouTube posts, the reason behind this idea was that I do a lot of video editing and recording my gameplay footage and so that takes away the time I can post articles sometimes.

For example yesterday I supposed to write-up this article but instead recorded some footage of the Day 1 DLC for Mass Effect 3, which I might add should have been part of the main game considering how you go back to Eden Prime(from the first planet in ME1) and you see the same flashbacks but this time also showing real-time flashbacks of the Protheans fighting the reapers and you learn a lot about their history and how they lived, I’m getting a little off topic here so moving on.

Anyway video editing is something I’ve been doing back when I was in my second or third year at secondary school and whilst I have never been good at it I’ve always really enjoyed experimenting and rendering videos, my first ones I ever made were back in using Windows Movie Maker just pasting in images and music of cartoons like Pokemon and Dragon ball Z, over the years I moved over to pasting in clips from various Anime and syncing with music and this was back when YouTube was very young and the community was friendly this was also the same time I began uploading  the anime music videos to YouTube and due to it being very young, unheard of and a friendly community the videos got many ratings, views and comments(Sadly these are no longer on my channel as I removed them to transition to better quality videos).

Once I got into college I started watching some Call of Duty montages and was really intrigued with them and so wanted to experiment this myself and I stumbled upon Sony Vegas and immediately imported my low quality recordings into the program and began testing.
As time went by I became more discouraged in video editing as I didn’t have the hardware to make better quality videos and so for a good portion I stopped and focused more on college.

A few years later and I got my PC upgraded(July last year) and I thought “I wonder if this new upgrade will be able to record high quality gaming footage and render them properly”.
So I tested this out, at first it wasn’t so great but I searched around for some proper settings and lo and behold I found the correct settings both in Fraps and Sony Vegas to record and render in full 720p.

So after that little enlightenment I set about primarily doing a lot of recording and video editing during my time out of work for 6 months.

Due to this being a hobby of mine along with my blog I decided it would be a good idea to also post them here so I will be able to provide more content and at a faster rate  during the times the blog is lacking in new articles.

Anyway thank you for reading, over the coming weeks I’m going to make the YouTube posts look more interesting on the front page and may do a full review of either Mass Effect 3, the DLC or both aswell as at some point redesigning my portfolio and see about getting it implemented again.

Any suggestions, advice or criticism whether that is for a new article, video or advice to make the blog better, let me know in the comments, thanks.

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