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Alan Wake: Finally On His Way To The PC

You heard me right, after being cancelled for a PC release back in 2009; Alan Wake will now be released for the PC February 16 2012 via Steam and then as a boxed retail…


WoW: What To Do When You Have Been Hacked

It has come to my attention that recently my guildmaster over on the EU server has been hacked and also happened to my last guildmaster too until we disbanded the guild this time last year, and so I’m going to […]


Mass Effect 2: The Lair of the Shadowbroker

The new DLC for Mass Effect 2, The Lair of the Shadowbroker has finally been set a release date and even has 4 screenshots and a trailer for the new DLC. The new DLC will be released on Tuesday 7th […]


Blur: Race With The Big Boys

Made by the guys who gave us Project Gotham Racing, Blur is a racing game made by a popular racing developer called Bizarre Creations, the game is solely based on the good old Mario Kart Racing with power ups within the […]


Mass Effect: The Movie

There have been many rumours and speculation around the idea of a Mass Effect movie ever since Mass Effect 1 was released, Chris Priestly Community Coordinator for Bioware announced on Tuesday  25th of May that there will infact be a Mass […]